The RM of BTS apologised to Jungkook for the funniest reason ever.

RM is a wise man. The world has been in awe of BTS’ youngest member, Jungkook, and it appears that the group’s members are not far behind, with their awed moments now being exhibited in public for all of us to agree on. Jungkook posted a second video in his boxing series on January 11 with the comment ‘It’s difficult.’

Fans were soon enthralled by his huge arms and the tattoo sleeve at his sides, which they could only catch glimpses of. Jungkook was accompanied by celebrity personal trainer Tommy, and the results of the BTS member’s rigorous training were clearly visible.

Jungkook answered with a thank you when BTS member V complimented him on his ability. J-Hope made him giggle by recreating the sound of the punch mitts colliding with the gloves. Everyone, on the other hand, burst out laughing at leader RM’s response. “First and foremost, Jungkook-ah, I made a mistake,” RM said, which is another way of saying “I’m sorry.” The youngest member was taken aback by the unexpected apologies and responded with a giggle.

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