Permission to Dance by BTS, Thunderous by Stray Kids, Hot Sauce by NCT Dream, and more: Select your preferred stage.

When it comes to expensive and fancy music videos, as well as performance venues for their accompanying songs, the Korean music business goes all out. They’ve done everything from renting out airports to dancing at famous landmarks. The bright nature, the outstanding camera work, and the flashy outfits are all well prepared.

To make amazing music videos and stages a reality, it takes a village. After being discovered to be a part of numerous K-pop music videos, special shoot locations have become tourist destinations all over the world. The HallyuTalk Awards’ ‘Best Eye-Catching Stage of 2021’ candidates are listed below.

  • ‘Permission to Dance’ by BTS swooped in with a message of hope, assuring everyone that brighter days are on the way.
    Aespa’s ‘Next Level’ was a cultural shift that swept the globe, shattering numerous records.
  • The motions and catchy tune from LISA’s “Money” inspired a worldwide dance trend, while the song stuck on our thoughts for days.
  • The members of TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s anxious voices added to the unique’0x1=LOVE SONG (I Know I Love You)’ music video.
  • With their sunny ‘Alcohol-Free’ music video, TWICE transported us to a realm of freedom and pleasure.
  • In ‘Thunderous,’ Stray Kids combined modern and traditional elements to create the right balance.
  • ‘Rock with You’ was every bit SEVENTEEN, and it wowed the crowd by highlighting each member’s uniqueness.
  • ‘Hot Sauce’ by NCT Dream was invigorating, with a touch of brave weirdness at its foundation.
  • ENHYPEN’s ‘FEVER’ ushered in a new era for the septet and was met with widespread acclaim.

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