Krrish 4

Krrish is an Indian superhero film, television series, comic book, and video game franchise. Rakesh Roshan directs, produces, and writes the film series. It is regarded as the first film series of its kind in Indian cinema. Hrithik Roshan, Rakesh’s son, played the title role in all three films. The stories revolve around a mentally disabled boy who meets an extraterrestrial being and his son, who grows up to be a reluctant superhero.

Kid Krrish, an animated television series based on the Krrish film series, premiered on Cartoon Network India in 2013. J Bole Toh Jadoo, a Nickelodeon spin-off animation/live-action series, was also created (India). As part of its promotion, Krrish 3 was the first Indian film to launch its own official Facebook Emoticons. Krrish is India’s tenth highest-grossing film series.

Krrish’s film returns with his new franchise ‘Krrish 4’. This is a Bollywood superhero movie. Meanwhile, sources claim that Hrithik Roshan, the main lead actor in ‘Krrish 4,’ will play four different characters in the film. Rakesh Roshan is the producer of the well-known Hindi film franchise ‘Krrish.’ He put in a lot of effort on the fourth instalment of this franchise. Release Date 01 Dec 2021

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