‘He reacts brilliantly to the name,’ Neha Dhupia said of her son’s name, Guriq Singh Dhupia Bedi.

When it comes to disclosing facts about their children, Neha Dhupia and Angad Bedi are quite careful and discreet. The couple has yet to reveal the face of their daughter Mehr Dhupia Bedi and has succeeded in keeping her out of the spotlight till now. The actress just gave birth to their son, and since then, fans have been speculating what the pair would name him. Neha shared the name of their little bundle of joy in a recent interview with Hindustan Times.

Neha Dhupia revealed to the entertainment portal that they had named their kid Guriq Singh Dhupia Bedi. “We are thrilled and immensely proud that we tie both our names to our son and daughter’s (Mehr) name,” the actress continued. There you have it, three months later, you now know how we refer to him.”

Guriq means “one with God,” Neha joked, encoding the meaning of their son’s name. One who is the world’s saviour and comes from God. She stated that it is a unique name that they adore. Neha also mentioned that his name is gorgeous and unusually spelled. She gives herself credit for maintaining her son’s nickname and changing his name to Angad.

In addition, Neha Dhupia stated that when it comes to a child, it is always a team effort. She’s delighted they settled on Guriq since she like the sound of it, and their son also responds well to it.

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