Chhavi Mittal has been cancer-free for a long time. After a difficult surgery, the actress writes an emotional letter.

Chhavi Mittal has been cancer-free for a long time

Chhavi Mittal’s admirers and followers were stunned when she revealed that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. Fans and friends have been praying for her quick recovery ever since. Chhavi gave her followers some wonderful news today, April 26. After a six-hour procedure, she is now cancer-free. On social media, the SIT actress sent a touching statement on her road to recovery. She also uploaded a photo of herself taken in the hospital.

On April 16, Chhavi Mittal revealed her breast cancer diagnosis. Since then, fans and celebrities have wished her a swift recovery. Their prayers appear to have been answered, as Chhavi is now cancer-free. She shared a photo of herself in her hospital bed on her official Instagram account. She added, “Along with that, she wrote, “When the anaesthesiologist advised me to close my eyes and think of something pleasant, I imagined my lovely, healthy breasts, and then I was sedated. Then, all of a sudden, I was cancer-free (sic)!”

Chhavi went on, “The operation lasted 6 hours, many surgeries were performed, and the road to recovery is long, but the good news is that it’s just going to get better now. The worst has passed. Your prayers have been on my mind the entire time, and I need them much more now since I’m in so much agony. The agony reminds me of the massive struggle I just won with a grin on my face. I’ll spare you the gory details, but thank you for sticking with me throughout this ordeal. My eyes welled up with tears as I read your words. Don’t stop praying just yet (sic).”

She said at the end of her post, “Finally, but certainly not least. I couldn’t have done it without my crazy girlfriend, @mohithussein, who is equally strong, similarly insane, resilient, brave, patient, compassionate, and loving. You don’t want to see tears in your eyes any longer! #cancerfree (sic) is a hashtag for people who are cancer-free.”

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