Box Office: Radhe Shyam, starring Prabhas, has a freefalling first-week box office.

Radhe Shyam’s box office performance was in freefall throughout the weekdays, with the film finishing its first week with around Rs. 109 crores, after an opening weekend of around Rs. 92 crores, and adding only about Rs. 17 crores during the weekdays. With the release of Bachchan Pandey and James in Karnataka, the film has been pulled from most theatres following a one-week run. In its second week in AP/TS, the film is holding approximately 550 sites, but the collections are quite low, so it will hardly add to its total and will probably close around Rs. 115-120 crores in India.

The following are the day-by-day box office collections for Radhe Shyam in India:Rs. 42 crores on Friday
Rs. 25.50 crores on Saturday
Rs. 24.50 crores on Sunday
Rs. 7 crores on Monday
Rs. 4.50 crores on Tuesday
Rs. 3.50 crores on Wednesday
Rs. 2.25 crores on Thursday
Total – Rs. 109.25 crores

Whether in Telugu or Hindi, the film was met with open rejection across the country. Throughout the weekend, the Hindi version of the picture was eclipsed by The Kashmir Files, a much smaller release, and during the weekdays, Gangubai Kathiawadi, which was in its third week, was collecting more than it. The Kashmir Files outperformed the film in Hyderabad on Thursday. The film is likely to lose around Rs. 100 crores at the box office, making it one of the worst box offices flops in Indian movie history.

The following is the territorial breakdown for Radhe Shyam’s first-day box office collections in India:
Rs. 32.75 crores – Nizam (Rs. 19.80 crores share)
Rs. 9.60 crores – Ceeded (Rs. 7.10 crores share)
Rs. 30.80 crores – Andhra (Rs. 20.85 crores share)

AP/TS – Rs. 73.15 crores (Rs. 47.75 crores share)

Rs. 8.60 crores – Karnataka (Rs. 4.30 crores share)
Rs. 24.25 crores – North India (Rs. 10.25 crores share)
Rs. 3.25 crores – Tamil Nadu/Kerala (Rs. 1.20 crore share)

India – Rs. 109.25 crores (Rs. 63.50 crores share)

It was always going to be a dangerous endeavor, with the picture appearing to be a unique love story free of any commercial paddings like action or melodrama. The outcome could have been different if it had been an ordinary love tale without the commercial paddings. It also didn’t fit with Prabhas’ larger-than-life action hero image from Baahubali, which boosted Saaho tremendously at the opening but did nothing here. Many in the media would write Prabhas off after this, which is unwise because he still has a lot of clouts, which will be on full display with his next few films, which will be in accordance with his image.

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