Bangarraju Monday Box Office: Holds in Andhra, Falls in Nizam, and Ceeded

Bangarraju performed well on Monday, grossing approximately Rs. 6.25 crores (Rs. 3.15 crores share) at the Indian box office, for a four-day total of approximately Rs. 37.50 crores (Rs. 24.25 crores share). The CoVID restrictions go into effect today in the state of Andhra Pradesh, which is the film’s best-performing region, so collections will fall. At this point, the film is expected to earn approximately Rs. 48 crores in its first week.

Bangarraju’s box office collections in India are as follows:

Friday ‘s revenue is Rs. 11.25 crores (Rs. 9.40 crores share)
Rs. 10.50 crores on Saturday (Rs. 6.20 crores share)
Rs. 9.50 crores on Sunday (Rs. 5.50 crores share)
Rs. 6.25 crores on Monday (Rs. 3.15 crores share)

Rs. 37.50 crores in total (Rs. 24.25 crores share)

The leftover demand from the holidays was evident on Monday, especially in Northern Coastal Andhra regions like Vizag and Godavari districts, where Monday collections were on par with what the film did over the weekend. Collection in parts of Southern Coastal Andhra fell by around 40%, which is still better than normal drops. On Monday, the Andhra region earned Rs. 4 crores (Rs. 2.15 crores share), compared to Rs. 5 crores on Sunday (Rs. 2.80 crores share). Nizam, which had already been underwhelming over the weekend, had the highest drop at 50%, while Ceeded had the worst hold in the twin states, with a drop of nearly 60% from Sunday. All of this is to be expected, as Northern AP tends to over-index during Sankranti.

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